ON HINDSIGHT : Short Films

when folks mention tis a "short film", they might only mean the "duration" of the final product, rather than the scope and amount of effort involved in final expected product. and of coz "by default" when a "short film" is mentioned, it would normally mean: "no budget" and hence your fees are expected to be lowered accordingly.

on hindsight - let us all be fair to ourselves and check on the integrity of the production, the expectation and the requirements, before we'd lend a short-film-helping-hand for an obvious "commercial enterprise", rather than an actual true-blue "short film" by a budding/struggling filmmaker, shouldn't we?


becoming royston webisode 3

Becoming Royston webisode 3 is online now.

"Boon Huat (Alvin Neo) has finally reached the mainland with the help of the boatman (Tay Kay Chin). Introducing Ah Girl played by Oon Shu An. Guest starring Charles David as Balaji and also lead singer of the The UnXpected, Shirlyn Tan."

there's a cool new poster, stills and behind the scenes currently being uploaded ~ dun miss out on this next "evolution" of local cinema = *cool*


singapore dreaming

Dr. Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh's Singapore Dreaming screens commercially @ Golden Village cinemas from 7th September! and since i'm a youtube whore supporter, here's the official 24-seconds teaser. As well you could read anutshellreview-review ... and while i might not have had the opportunity to work with them, what i plan to do is: (1) go watch the movie when it premieres and (2) wish them all the bestest box office success! *L0L*

perth @ cine.sg

i am such a cheapwhoreskate to ask for free tix :p

~ more later on the seminar and screening after i regain composure ~