Sinema Old School Launches December 12th

Sinema Old School is the first independent cinema for Singapore films located within the Old School at 11 Mount Sophia. housing a 130-seater High Definition cinema made possible by Panasonic, a film and creative merchandise retail outlet as well as studio and post facilities made possible by Apple, Sinema Old School aims to be the homebase for Singapore filmmakers and film lovers. and this coming December 12th will be the "official" launch of the premises, coinciding with the 10th Anniversary of Eric Khoo's 12 Storeys, which will be screened in 2 sessions: 7pm (by invitation only) and 9pm [peep here for full schedules and ticketing details]

congrats to my cine-buds, Randy and Nicholas of Sinema.sg!


MDA Senior Management Rap 2007

[view higher-res version here / don't shy] ... never let it be said they "don't try" (*cough*) ... turned out "better" than i expected, when i read it in the newspaper priors; fairness thy name be (*cough-cough*) = feel free to comment (but try to keep it clean... eerr... or as clean as you can lah :p)


tan pin pin's invisible city

INVISIBLE CITY《备忘录》= a new documentary by Tan Pin Pin, (director of Singapore GaGa) opens at The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, 22 July- 12 August 2007 (Pin Pin will be taking Q&A on 22-24 July)

Invisible City chronicles the ways people attempt to leave a mark before they and their histories disappear. From an intrepid Japanese journalist hunting down Singaporean war veterans to an avid amateur film director trying to preserve his decaying trove of Singapore footage, Tan Pin Pin draws out hopes and regrets of these protagonists as they attempt immortality. Through their footage and photos rarely seen until now, we begin to perceive faint silhouettes of a City that could have been.

Tickets at $8 (Adults) and $6 (S tudents with ID)
Available from The Arts House Box Office, 1 Old Parliament Lane
Ticketing hotline: 6332 6919 (Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 11am-8pm)
Rated PG, with English and Chinese subtitles.
Book your tickets now! Call 6332 6919