#ContiPolaroids for PERTH

"Perth" is a 107 minute long feature film (IMDb) directed by Djinn (who also wrote the script as "Ong Lay Jinn") which premiere in Singapore on August 18th 2005, with a R(A) rating in Singapore. This post features a selected collection of #contipolaroids for who I had used to showcase my work done for this feature (my 4th) as Production Designer, used as reference for a behind-the-scenes blog at http://perthpolaroids.blogspot.com - the contents of which were used in a featurette in the U.S. Edition of the movie's DVD release.

Harry's house:

"Angry Boy" / AB Lee and his shenanigans:

Plenty of drinking going on:

"Alien Bar":
WHAT ARE "CONTI POLAROIDS": "Essentially polaroids taken of the scene and setting during actual production filming, to be used as reference for continuity of scenes, for both scripting and Art Department. I haven't been involved in filmmaking for may years since, and do not know if folks still do conti-polaroids, with my 5/6th film using a hand-held digital camera instead. This is for one of my films that used polaroids instead :)"


1965: Teaser Trailer, Film Clip & Teaser Poster

WHAT-IS: "Capturing the moments when a country came of age. '1965' will transport you back to the colourful 1960s, while portraying heightened human drama shot in realistic camerawork that opens up to soak in the magnitude and scale of Singapore history unraveling. '1965' shows how some pioneers faced up to the war against racism. And how some of them decide to call this small island their home."

Slated for a premiere in August 2015, this feature is directed by Randy Ang, and stars Qi Yuwu, Deanna Yusoff, Joanne Peh, James Seah, Sezairi Sezali, Mike Kasem, and Lim Kay Tong as Lee Kuan Yew (seen in a film clip featured below). Produced by Daniel Yun, Melvin Ang. Studio: Blue3 Pictures, MM2 Entertainment. Find out more on their Facebook Page.