perth screening and dvd launch

for "fans" of PERTH the movie: please keep your 5th of July free.

do pop by the National Museum of Singapore for a screening of the movie and a session titled: The Film Behind Perth (between 4.30pm-7pm). there'll be folks from Kodak speaking (on "why celluloid film is still the preferred medium, especially for today's High Definition requirements" :p), as well as (hopefully) filmmakers (and yes, i'll be there sprouting production design and art direction stuff that ima gonna be pulling out of me ass) and they'll be screening deleted scenes from the movie! ie: my precious deleted 70's Bugis Street scene! ~ for which i've constantly bugged the director; Djinn about constantly *LOL*

after which there'll be a "light meal served, prior to the Cine-Sg screening of the entire movie." Information and ticket purchasing is available at www.cine.sg :)


Royston Tan's second full-length feature; 4:30 opens 29th June 2006.

"4:30" traces the relationship between Ren, an eleven year old Chinese Boy and his tenant Jung, a thirty-something Korean man. Told entirely from the perspective of the boy, Ren, this story of two very different characters is less about friendship than about a shared experience and appreciation of solitude." [via]

regardless of what folks have said (lurve the poster-designs tho), i'll be in the ticket line ~ watch the trailer here (click top-right).

becoming royston webisode 2 online now

01. go to the website
02. go to the TV section
03. click on channel 2
04. view ~ dun wait, go now!
(thanks for the headsup, Randy)

there's even a new online project/contest: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" = write in less than 500 words; "What was your childhood ambition? Have you attained it? If so, how have you come to realize it? And if not, what stood/is standing in your way?" (sounds like my daily grouses sial!) and stand a chance to win a Royston's Shorts DVD = *neato*



from the local directing duo of Gilbert Chan & Joshua Chiang (Red Ink Media) comes their debut feature film; S11 ~ and is slated for commercial release in July/August @ Cathay Picturehouse.

”This is a lighted hearted look at desperate situations faced by three different people in one day. On a deeper level, it really is about the harshness of Singapore society, and the reality of us.” (somehow i feel the description doesn't really do it enuff justice, IMHO)

the last I saw of this was the initial final-cut yonks back and now that it’s all done and good, I can only but wish them a silent best and hope that their debut feature will be as fun as the language used in this flick! *LOL*

two roystons

celebrated local filmmaker Royston Tan scores a double-bill with two current projects; one "directly" and a "one-by-default".

the Asian Film Archive is slated to release a collection of Royston Tan’s short films on DVD; cheekily titled: Royston’s Shorts

shorts included in this collection:
Jesses, Sons, Hock Hiap Leong, 24hrs, Mother, The Absentee, The Blind Trilogy: Blind / Old Parliament House / Capitol Cinema, Careless Whisperer, New York Girl, Monkeylove.

”Also featured in the DVD is a 25-minute interview with Royston Tan where he discusses some of his short films and stylistic influences. Another highlight is the inclusion of rarely seen films like 4A Florence Close, a film about his family's move from their home at the height of the financial crisis.” [read more via]

for which i think tis a pretty decent collection (except that it excluded the “controversially banned” short, “CUT” *snicker*) and as much as i had seen and enjoyed some of the shorts prior (in the capacity of my previous day-job), i reckon this DVD would sit pretty well in my personal collection, as it would for any local film-buff (IMHO anyways :p) ~ the DVD will be officially launched tomorrow 17th June @ HMV (Heeren) and Kinokuniya (Takashimaya) = click here for timing, details and freebies! :p

Becoming Royston is the debut feature film from Originasian’s (I’ll Live A Day For You) Nicholas Chee and Randy Ang, for which the title and story is inspired by Royston Tan. "in conjunction with MDA", currently “a special edition of the feature” is presented in 5 online-webisodes, to be released over a 3-month period (currently showing episode one)
”Becoming Royston is a story about a boy's dream of becoming Singapore's most talked about Filmmaker, Royston Tan”

and if the lush first webisode and the trailer is any indication of how the feature is going to be? - there’ll be an avalanche of accolades awaiting these filmmakers and i for one can’t wait to see the entire film, and anything else they’d haveta offer in the future :)

added 22.06.06:
A Nuteshell Review has coverage of the event launch, including a short video-clip of "the bad boy of local film" :)