be with me disqualified by academy awards

Eric Khoo's Be With Me was deemed "not authentic enough for the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences", "because, after timing the print, the Academy decided that it had too much English in it." ~ like seriously, WTF? [read more via kaijushakedown]

IMHO, the Academy can go screw themselves with their shallow pathetic minds - to think that Singapore be a land that speaketh no engrish (???) WAHLANEH! (*heh*) ... which to think of it, would by having an Indian/Tamil-speaking movie, or a Malay-speaking one or even a Mandarin speaking-only flick = make each one any less Singaporean? than how about if all 4 national languages were used in the production? must we make Singlish-flicks to be ever be "within the guidelines" of said Academy? (of coz NOT saying they recognize nor condone Singlish in their guidelines lah ~ go read it yourself here) = quite laughable; alla this, i would say ... then again, who says we must laud the foreign accolade in the first place, innit? *oh well*

but again, to be fair, it is an award for "Best Foreign Language Film" (as carefully brought to my attention) and hence non-English-speaking. and that mayhap i am "over-reacting" to the "news" ... or maybe it is a deeper affliction then i'd/we'd let onto ... for in our blind pursuit of "excellence" and a false victim's cries over "segregation from the adoring masses", that we fail to see the lacking in which we (local) filmmakers wallow in and cry crocodile tears of "how we are not recognized" ("fact" or "fiction"? i know not for sure), when instead we should be pursuing their/our "passion" and the (not unattainable) result of a good product; regardless of accolades awarded (and not won yet), innit?

IMHO, of coz :)


reelnation blog banners

and of coz i'm getting ahead of meself here, but for some inexplicable reason that you'd wanna link to me (*blush*), here are some handy-ones ready:

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please go HERE for more details and codes :)


a wee thing

short-filmmaker Wee Li Lin has her own webbie! check out her short films like "Autograph Book" (recently released on DVD, along with other fine folks - which i will review eventually), and older ones like "Holiday" (wif Adrian Pang) and her first; "Norman On The Air". a rather complete collection, i would say and highly appreciative of :)

of coz not barring the fact rumblings of her impending possible first feature happening in '06 (and that i may be a part of) ... but let's not count thy eggs that others lay yet, for mayhap we should see what the new years brings, eh? *wink*

regardless of any eventuality ~ good luck, Li Lin! :)


from Eggstory Creative Productions comes the animated trailer for KungFu Gecko. and as i swell with nationalistic pride, i can't help but find the chinese music "cheezy" (to say the least) and can only hope that this is just the "teaser trailer" ... :p

*go watch the trailer here*

anyone know any further info on the filmmakers and the current status of the shorts, pls do email me. thanks! :)

training day

Local Hot Fem Blogger Linda Chia stars in her first short film; Tai-Tai In Training, commissioned by Localbrand. Go read more on her blog entry ... now, i dunno Ms Chia personally, so i ain't sure if the OTT-ing was the director's requirement or such, but generally "how-to-instructionals" work with a certain degree of "irony", and not "corny" - IMHO. but she's hot, so tis cool

do also check-out the other two Localbrand commissioned "SHIRT Films"; 100% Hero (a bit of a yawn and spine-shudder) and Rage Rabbit (which i kinda liked but for some stunted acting). worth watching, i reckon.

anyone know any further info on the filmmakers and the current status of the shorts, pls do email me. thanks! :)

lucky numbers

go watch 4444 and/or read the spoiler from the lead actor's blog. (good job, Ruok!)

the above short won the Audience Choice Award for the Canon DV Fest for the Heartlands, 2005. (more links to come! :p)

tis groundhogday meets sixthsense, by way of twilightzone (IMHO), with slightly uneven but decent production values, good editing and an interesting visual sense. and kudos for the great propping! :)

anyone know any further info on the filmmakers and the current status of this short, pls do email me. thanks! :)

live another day

check out I'll Live A Day For You; a recent shortfilm winner for Judge's and Audience's Choice Fly By Night 2005 Competition = excellent production values for a short done in less than 30-hours. screw the plot (actually quite the cockfest, innit?) and just get down to the fun. altho t'was under-exposed during the dance-segment *urgh*. and am just appreciative the filmmakers didn't "speed-up" the slightly slow dance-routine (yes i know itz hard to synchronize everyone's steps) and the black'n'white stills segment were a riot (used brilliantly to lengthened time duration). overall = good-fun.

*go watch now*.

also watch the video outtakes (where there's a coupla scenes that reminds one of the trials of working wif kids and of "traffic-control" *grimace*) and view some film stills. am seriously appreciating the effort put behind the "online-identity" of this shortfilm. wish other folks would consider doing the same.

anyone know any further info on the filmmakers and the current status of this short, pls do email me. thanks! :)

scene one / take one

and i dun really care if the entry-title sounds cheesy (but of coz i do *bleh*) *heh*

this is what i need:
[1] links to online short-films. best with additional info, like who the filmmakers are and what's up with the flick.
[2] information, on filmmakers, their short/long-form films and anything in-between.
[3] animation / animated-film is fine. dun shy.
[4] student films are fine. i *cough*dun*cough* discriminate against anyone. a good product is a good product. a bad one will only kana whack online only, no biggie, yah? :p

so do email me at "toysreviler [at] gmail [dot] com" now (or soon lor). thanks! :)

this is what ima gonna do:
[1] have links to online video-clips / short films. this blog aims list ALL singaporean films; who are currently online.
[2] let folks know what's happening in the local/singaporean "filmmaking-scene". notice i've not said "industry" - tis becoz i have very strong views about that ... but perhaps that is for another rant, another time ... :)
[3] to be able to say what i wanna say, about how i feel about whatever projects that goes thru this blog. heck, i ain't a career "reviewer" and neither do i claim to be one. let's just be a biatch have some fun, shall we?
[4] have loads of behind-the-scene pictures. i dun ask for much, i don't.

*Roll Camera. Roll Sound. And, ACTION*

cheesy-cheers :)
andy / toysrevil