training day

Local Hot Fem Blogger Linda Chia stars in her first short film; Tai-Tai In Training, commissioned by Localbrand. Go read more on her blog entry ... now, i dunno Ms Chia personally, so i ain't sure if the OTT-ing was the director's requirement or such, but generally "how-to-instructionals" work with a certain degree of "irony", and not "corny" - IMHO. but she's hot, so tis cool

do also check-out the other two Localbrand commissioned "SHIRT Films"; 100% Hero (a bit of a yawn and spine-shudder) and Rage Rabbit (which i kinda liked but for some stunted acting). worth watching, i reckon.

anyone know any further info on the filmmakers and the current status of the shorts, pls do email me. thanks! :)