be with me disqualified by academy awards

Eric Khoo's Be With Me was deemed "not authentic enough for the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences", "because, after timing the print, the Academy decided that it had too much English in it." ~ like seriously, WTF? [read more via kaijushakedown]

IMHO, the Academy can go screw themselves with their shallow pathetic minds - to think that Singapore be a land that speaketh no engrish (???) WAHLANEH! (*heh*) ... which to think of it, would by having an Indian/Tamil-speaking movie, or a Malay-speaking one or even a Mandarin speaking-only flick = make each one any less Singaporean? than how about if all 4 national languages were used in the production? must we make Singlish-flicks to be ever be "within the guidelines" of said Academy? (of coz NOT saying they recognize nor condone Singlish in their guidelines lah ~ go read it yourself here) = quite laughable; alla this, i would say ... then again, who says we must laud the foreign accolade in the first place, innit? *oh well*

but again, to be fair, it is an award for "Best Foreign Language Film" (as carefully brought to my attention) and hence non-English-speaking. and that mayhap i am "over-reacting" to the "news" ... or maybe it is a deeper affliction then i'd/we'd let onto ... for in our blind pursuit of "excellence" and a false victim's cries over "segregation from the adoring masses", that we fail to see the lacking in which we (local) filmmakers wallow in and cry crocodile tears of "how we are not recognized" ("fact" or "fiction"? i know not for sure), when instead we should be pursuing their/our "passion" and the (not unattainable) result of a good product; regardless of accolades awarded (and not won yet), innit?

IMHO, of coz :)