scene one / take one

and i dun really care if the entry-title sounds cheesy (but of coz i do *bleh*) *heh*

this is what i need:
[1] links to online short-films. best with additional info, like who the filmmakers are and what's up with the flick.
[2] information, on filmmakers, their short/long-form films and anything in-between.
[3] animation / animated-film is fine. dun shy.
[4] student films are fine. i *cough*dun*cough* discriminate against anyone. a good product is a good product. a bad one will only kana whack online only, no biggie, yah? :p

so do email me at "toysreviler [at] gmail [dot] com" now (or soon lor). thanks! :)

this is what ima gonna do:
[1] have links to online video-clips / short films. this blog aims list ALL singaporean films; who are currently online.
[2] let folks know what's happening in the local/singaporean "filmmaking-scene". notice i've not said "industry" - tis becoz i have very strong views about that ... but perhaps that is for another rant, another time ... :)
[3] to be able to say what i wanna say, about how i feel about whatever projects that goes thru this blog. heck, i ain't a career "reviewer" and neither do i claim to be one. let's just be a biatch have some fun, shall we?
[4] have loads of behind-the-scene pictures. i dun ask for much, i don't.

*Roll Camera. Roll Sound. And, ACTION*

cheesy-cheers :)
andy / toysrevil