live another day

check out I'll Live A Day For You; a recent shortfilm winner for Judge's and Audience's Choice Fly By Night 2005 Competition = excellent production values for a short done in less than 30-hours. screw the plot (actually quite the cockfest, innit?) and just get down to the fun. altho t'was under-exposed during the dance-segment *urgh*. and am just appreciative the filmmakers didn't "speed-up" the slightly slow dance-routine (yes i know itz hard to synchronize everyone's steps) and the black'n'white stills segment were a riot (used brilliantly to lengthened time duration). overall = good-fun.

*go watch now*.

also watch the video outtakes (where there's a coupla scenes that reminds one of the trials of working wif kids and of "traffic-control" *grimace*) and view some film stills. am seriously appreciating the effort put behind the "online-identity" of this shortfilm. wish other folks would consider doing the same.

anyone know any further info on the filmmakers and the current status of this short, pls do email me. thanks! :)