Pre-Ordering Short Films

Here's a concept for your considerations:

Offer up PRE-ORDERS for DVDs of your short films (be it individual or anthology-based), so that the orders could both fund your production, and gauge appeal/desire for it.

There is to be a window-of-pre-ordering = a fixed timeline in which folks can order, say for a month or two, in which you could lobby do do self-promotions for.

You need to assure the cap or minimum amount of DVDs for it to be manufactured, so that you can charge/price the pre-orders (sans or including shipping costs worldwide). If it takes a minimum of 100 orders to be able to start printing, then so be it.

Offer the pre-order for retailers as well, so what could get you larger numbers.

This notion follows what a whole bunch of folks in the "art toy" world are doing right now (which I blog about primarily at http://toysrevil.blogspot.sg), which helps manage their products and at the same time put their products out into the hands of folks who want to own them. With the advent of youtube videos, people view them for free, and filmmakers can only hope for the next ticket of opportunity the film does for them, IMHO.

Put some merch in folks' hands, let the desire to "own: a piece of your short film, help drive funds into your own pockets. Tee shirts, memorabilia, all these could be in considerations with the concept of "pre-orders".

Sure, I'm talking out of my ass without the sense of "trademarks" and "copyright" issues (that is not my forte and I'll leave someone else to comment on this instead).

SGFilm YouTube Channel Launches

This should have happened YEARS ago, Singapore! But I am elated it does now: www.youtube.com/user/sgfilmchannel = Short films from Singapore, by Singaporeans, finally ready to be viewed by the world, beyond the confines of film festivals.

Sure, you've got to recoup your investments, but that is the "business" aspect of your film (and whatever "celluloid dreams" local filmmakers would have are always bludgeoned down by the "lack-of-budget") … but what if only a limited number of folks watch your film? Then you are perpetrating a minor "injustice" to the folks who had worked on it, IMHO .. and by that, I mean "short films" specifically.

I've always felt SG "short films" did better than most of their full-length counterparts. You could argue with me until the cows come home to be made into hamburgers, but I will reserve my comments on features (been too long since I "talked shop" and I've kept away from the industry for years to be able to speak about it lol), and instead give a sharp salute now to the short-form films!

Do Not Let Them Be Missed By The World, please. If Singapore's "filmmaking" ability is only judged by our full length features, then that would be indeed an injustice to the industry and craft, IMHO.

Alas the videos cannot be embedded, so you'd have to go direct to the channel to view them LOL

The last time this blog was updated was in 2008, and has sonic languished into pathetic obscurity (where it still remains now) as there was literally nothing to show, but for trailers. C'mon, the moving visual medium, needs to have "moving visuals", right? LOL