4444 redux

*exclusive!* (or rather i'd like to think it is...? :p) = go watch the new re-cut version of 4444, as revealed by David Liu (director) of badDesign Productions. thanks for the heads-up, dude! :)

with clearer sound design and a more effective edit (IMHO) at slightly over 8mins, tis a joy to watch :) ... but i'd rather let y'all judge it for yourself when ya go watch it ... altho there was quite a bit of pixelation, but that of coz could be googlevideo lah ... *good job* and can't wait ta see more stuff from you guys!

tokyo confidential

dammit! the trailer for Tokyo Confidential ("merit award winner" in the 2005 PDMA Digital Film Fiesta) looks so darn happenin' + intriguing = i can't wait to see the entire short! (dude, waitin' for ya! :p)

also check out the webbie for screen grabs and synposis of this slice-of-nightlife/street-culture-short, courtesy of director Anthony Koithra of headrushed.com. thanks for the heads-up, dude! :)

Watch it for a lil slice-of-tokyo docu-vignettes of the "underground" street-racing scene, complete with "race-ritual-dancing" LOL (Fast'n'Furious 3 should take a cue from alla this, innit? :p), baseball matches (ironically, an american-import, innit?) and fresh fish.

thanks for the heads-up, dude! and congrats :)


2005 panasonic / mda digital film fiesta

view here to view the winners.

currently, i have NO links to the films whatsoever, except Lau Sai (listed below) - which is indeed quite sad, becoz in the end even if there is a "product" but people don't know it exists, much less be able to watch it, innit? IMHO, of coz.

Professional Category
Buy Me Love by Ric Aw (First Prize)
Closer Apart by Victric Thng (Second Prize)
Overhead Clouds by Yeo Lee Nah (Third Prize)

Open Category
12:17 by Kenny Tan (First Prize)
Zo Peng by Jacen Tan (Second Prize)
Health Warning by Sim Chin Sun (Third Prize)
Kalah Atau Menang by Donny Prasetyo Utomo (Merit Award)
Tokyo Confidential by Anthony Koithra (Merit Award) - view the trailer here
Master of Gambling (Mahjong) by Kenny Yong (Merit Award)
Screen by Marcus Lim (Merit Award)
One Step by Chan Wai Hoe (Merit Award)
I Dream by Loh Wei Liang (Merit Award)

Lau Sai by Chai Yee Wei (Merit Award)

do email me for links and info. thanks! :)

2004 panasonic / mda digital film fiesta

view here for past winners.

as of now, NO links to the below-listed winners:

Heroes by Tan Siang Yu (First Prize)
The Copy by Justin Yuen (Second Prize)
Memory by Nick Tan (Third Prize)
Anticipating by Jeannie Chia (Commendations)
A Dream by Justin Yuen

do email me for links and info. thanks! :)

2005 fly-by-night video challenge video links

List of winners for the 2005 Fly-By-Night Video Challenge / competition, for which i have only a small set of links to share ... anyone who has further info, or links to video/shorts; please do email me. thanks! onwards:

Four Play
Ryan Ng, Su Yuhan, Kee Jun Wei, Phua Tiong Hoe

Loser - Large Quicktime
Loser - Small Quicktime
Chai Yee Wei (blog), Kelvin Lam.

To Live A Day For You
Randy Ang, Nicholas Chee, Christina Choo
view the "prequel" HERE.

The Symbol Life ?
Chitraveni d/o Kumar, Kiong Leon Wei, Alvin Lim, Lee Ailin
F^A#I&T$H* ?
Cheng Ding An, Vincent Ong
Miss-Take ?
Ghazi Alqudcy, Ezzam Rahman, Idris Ismail, Ariff Aripin
Etymology of ^#&$* ?
Lim Tee Lip, Kenneth Lim
Shanghai Tang ?
Raymond Chin, Ho Wan Ling, Teo Wai Chin, Derek Tang
One People, One Nation, One ^#&$* ?
Wu Min Xiu, Mardiana Kasmani, Melissa Yuen, Ng Puay Hoon
The Upside Down World ?
Kelvin Wee (blog), Chan Siew Long, Joseph Ang, Jan Rick

Special Mention:

Eunice Wong, Philip Thee, Sue Ann Teo, Eugene Wong
The Cat with No Ball (*animation) ?
Sally Poh and Koh Siang Leng


The Undecided video here or here. and blog here and here.

2005 canon/dvfest film links

managed to find the listing for the recent Canon Digital Video Film Fest 2005 - Audience Choice Awards = click on to see the video-clips (in English, unless otherwise stated) and read the synopsis:

Professional Category:
The Guest
directed by Kan Lume. in mandarin/chinese and cantonese.
Twenty Four Seven
directed by Sim Bee Li. In mandarin.
Meeting Zoe
directed by Sim Bee Li.
Led By The Stars
directed by Wen Nan Fei. in mandarin.
Nana + Damien
directed by Lionel Chok.

Media Students Category:
The Balloon
directed by Gao Yuanheng
directed by Judy Oh.
Pink Boy
directed by Stanley Huang.
Parting Gift
directed by Leong Hon Wai.
Waking Monkey
directed by Vanessa Thomas.

Open Category:
for which i featured here prior.
Moomeow the Cat Cow.
directed by Aroozoo Wesley Leon
Love Bleeds.
directed by R. Durai.
A Summer's Day.
directed by Mark Hoon.
Xiang Qi.
directed by Danny Lim.

anything else to add? links/blogs/info? or even better resolution-clips? do email me - thanks! enjoy :)