tokyo confidential

dammit! the trailer for Tokyo Confidential ("merit award winner" in the 2005 PDMA Digital Film Fiesta) looks so darn happenin' + intriguing = i can't wait to see the entire short! (dude, waitin' for ya! :p)

also check out the webbie for screen grabs and synposis of this slice-of-nightlife/street-culture-short, courtesy of director Anthony Koithra of headrushed.com. thanks for the heads-up, dude! :)

Watch it for a lil slice-of-tokyo docu-vignettes of the "underground" street-racing scene, complete with "race-ritual-dancing" LOL (Fast'n'Furious 3 should take a cue from alla this, innit? :p), baseball matches (ironically, an american-import, innit?) and fresh fish.

thanks for the heads-up, dude! and congrats :)