2005 canon/dvfest film links

managed to find the listing for the recent Canon Digital Video Film Fest 2005 - Audience Choice Awards = click on to see the video-clips (in English, unless otherwise stated) and read the synopsis:

Professional Category:
The Guest
directed by Kan Lume. in mandarin/chinese and cantonese.
Twenty Four Seven
directed by Sim Bee Li. In mandarin.
Meeting Zoe
directed by Sim Bee Li.
Led By The Stars
directed by Wen Nan Fei. in mandarin.
Nana + Damien
directed by Lionel Chok.

Media Students Category:
The Balloon
directed by Gao Yuanheng
directed by Judy Oh.
Pink Boy
directed by Stanley Huang.
Parting Gift
directed by Leong Hon Wai.
Waking Monkey
directed by Vanessa Thomas.

Open Category:
for which i featured here prior.
Moomeow the Cat Cow.
directed by Aroozoo Wesley Leon
Love Bleeds.
directed by R. Durai.
A Summer's Day.
directed by Mark Hoon.
Xiang Qi.
directed by Danny Lim.

anything else to add? links/blogs/info? or even better resolution-clips? do email me - thanks! enjoy :)