muckin' about on a wet wet mother's day sunday, thy protagonist; a clogged drain - to the strains of Alter Bridge's "In Loving Memory" (i plead insanity and boredom) ;p


Sumozart = "enormous men in diapers wrestling to the sound of Mozart's 25th symphony" = a new short by Anthony Koithra - bathed in sepia-shades a frantic 2minute visual piece *phew*

thanks for the heads'up, dude! :)

shortfilms of vincent ha

was quite pleasantly surprised when i found these videos (quite a whiles back, admittedly), directed by Vincent Ha - for a trio of school projects done for Singapore Management University. they are worth a look, for the possibilities that exists, in the unlikeliest of places. and they ain't half-bad efforts too. in fact, in some instances, actually quite commendable. visual cliches aside (even then, done well), it manages to "achieve" the mood intended (if i may be so bold as to assume) and seems to have fun doing them ... also realize that the actors were fellow course-mates. and i haveta say: the usage of guns in vision and treatment of it is commendable. at the cusp of short-cut guerilla-filmmaking, IMHO (:p) - view the videos listed below and form your own opinions:

SMU projects:
- Brothers
(done for a Management Accounting project presentation - a parody of Hong Kong Triad Flicks)
- The Dilemma
(done for a "Business, Government & Society" Course - filmed and edited in 2 days)
- The Young Executive
(done for a Creative Thinking Course - a parody of "The Apprentice", with near 8 Hours of Vid Editing)

recent personal shortfilms:
- A Price To Believe (Part 1)
- A Price To Believe (Part 2)
these two are full-blown narrative-short films/dramas and are actually pretty good, IMHO - *well done, dude*

happy anniversary

"Base(d) on the concept of contradiction, this 9mins short film portrays a forgetful couple trying to get last minute gift for each another on their anniversary day. Being an extremely non-telepathic couple, contradicting events and thoughts happened through out the story. Cast: Adrian Gan, Edalene Tay. Written, produced and directed by Stanley Huang."

(Stanley also did Pink Boy for the 2005 Canon DV/Fest)

(i know Adrian! LOL *waves*) personally, tis utilitarian at best (IMHO), the sound seems a tad off-synch (which might be an inherent youtube-situation, i know not for sure) which i reckon might be dubbed (but what do i know about "audio", innit? BAH). acting aside, it's efforts are appreciated. (heck, it got made, didn't it?) :p

how to make a poor man's steadicam

Step-by-Step DIY guide to making a USD$14 SteadyCam [via]

"you can probably build one of these in about 20 minutes. It might take you an hour if you have to read this web page while you do it and aren't very good with tools . This steadycam design works with anything that has a tripod mount and should be fine with cameras that weigh less than 5 pounds." [via]

i havent tried this. anybody does, do lemme know if it works good, yah? *cool* :)

of homemade toilet-fight videos, mindless filmmaking-rants and the importance proper audio

while i condone not this "homemade" video (which would surely get these kids into mondo-trouble if discovered by teachers - coz c'mon, stolen handphone-porn creates an out-roar, but primary school kids fighting in the toilet wouldn't, meh? ) - but of coz im perpetuating it all, innit? *BAH* [via/via]

no, this video is here as a testimony to the current status quo of "filmmaking" in singapore, while i claim not that this is "filmmaking" per se (of coz not lah, DUH) but the reality is; tools (such as mobile phones) are so readily available and used to record moving images and situations (in this case, "documenting" rather than "narrative story-telling") that it is so darn easy to have one's work "out there", on a platform (celluloid-gawds bless youtube) that reaches more people than you'd ever expect, on the www.

and people should have no issues about "getting their films out there", or that "nobody gets to see my work" or whatever the case may be (as heard once too often) - for today, when even something as "inconsequential" like this vid, can be seen by 4,424 peeps (as of this post), what more much less a "film-proper"?

no, we is not talking about getting PAID for this drivel. that's not the idea here. exposure versus financial survival = something to discuss about in another post, @ another time, cool? cheers :)

as mindless a rant this might read now, that which may mean nothing tomorrow ~ i dun really care much at this point in time, for tis neither anger nor burning passion that consumes me leads my runaway train-of-thought, but more of the "elitist apathy" of the "craft" that fellow practitioners claim that they "endure" but whine-on about the lack of support they feel they deserve (heck, paint me guilty for i too am used to be a whiner too, innit?) = but in the end, if we can't even help ourselves in the first place, what more do we expect as a hand-out?

IMHO @ this point of entry, of coz.

no, im not saying to go film yourself fighting your own mirror reflection of some existential mindf**k, or a thinly veiled adaptation of a "popular classic" (pointing my stubby fingers at NO ONE, i insist) - im saying maybe it's time we/you/peeps actually go OUT and start filming/recording/doing something, for gawd'sake!

note to self - stop talking (so much) and start doing something yourself soon, biatch

but please remember to have proper audio (when "visuals" fail, can still f**k it up in edit and sell it as ART ... but bad audio? is just BAD, IMO) - coz the only thing lacking in these kids' efforts is proper-sound, (tell me you feel otherwise, and i'll laugh at your VO/inner monologue ploy) otherwise could even have some pseudo-japanese pop-rawk thingie underlayed and a online cult-classic it may become ...

heck, it has a better chance of doing that than the ("perfect") film you wanna work-on/film that stays within your mind's eye only, innit? *heh*

*regular niceties will continue shortly*

this has been the naysayer's rant.

edited 20.05.06:
the youtube-video has been removed. but fear not, you can view the Mr.Brown-REMIXED-versions (with basically the same video underlay) here: [via]

Flush Of Fury (Large)
(Quicktime Movie, Filesize: 26.9mb, Time: 00:02:13)
Flush Of Fury (Small)
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