shortfilms of vincent ha

was quite pleasantly surprised when i found these videos (quite a whiles back, admittedly), directed by Vincent Ha - for a trio of school projects done for Singapore Management University. they are worth a look, for the possibilities that exists, in the unlikeliest of places. and they ain't half-bad efforts too. in fact, in some instances, actually quite commendable. visual cliches aside (even then, done well), it manages to "achieve" the mood intended (if i may be so bold as to assume) and seems to have fun doing them ... also realize that the actors were fellow course-mates. and i haveta say: the usage of guns in vision and treatment of it is commendable. at the cusp of short-cut guerilla-filmmaking, IMHO (:p) - view the videos listed below and form your own opinions:

SMU projects:
- Brothers
(done for a Management Accounting project presentation - a parody of Hong Kong Triad Flicks)
- The Dilemma
(done for a "Business, Government & Society" Course - filmed and edited in 2 days)
- The Young Executive
(done for a Creative Thinking Course - a parody of "The Apprentice", with near 8 Hours of Vid Editing)

recent personal shortfilms:
- A Price To Believe (Part 1)
- A Price To Believe (Part 2)
these two are full-blown narrative-short films/dramas and are actually pretty good, IMHO - *well done, dude*