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currently featured are little-seen/known (???) trailers to Wee LiLin's Gone Shopping Kelvin Tong's 1942 and a host of others, including a filmmaker's fourm and organized screenings, the first being a coupla days ago (which i unfortunately missed totally) @ Timbre, Substation. do register to be updated with future screenings.

and with that they've accomplished what i've tried to (and unfortunately failed to) achieve in this little blog, and my envy has been quickly replaced by the joy of hope and of the opportunity to "support" the local filmmaking scene and a sharp salute i offer to the fine folks (Randy+Nicholas) @ Originasian :)



Screenplayer.sg is "a productivity blog for writers and filmmakers with tips, tricks and lifehacks on how to do the things that you already do with greater ease and efficiency." [via] = *cool* :)

High-Definition versus Film : the Making of Miami Vice

Michael Mann talks about the pros and cons of working on HD (High Definition) as compared to traditional Film, for the filming of Miami Vice here. I personally adore the movie, but visually it looked like images were "photoshopped" and brightened, with the blacks and shadows now lightened and somewhat unnerving, and not in a good way, IMHO.
"There's been a lot of debate about high definition replacing film and being an easier choice for filmmakers," says the cinematographer (Dion Beebe), who won the Oscar this year for Memoirs of a Geisha. "But it's definitely not the easy choice."


ON HINDSIGHT : Short Films

when folks mention tis a "short film", they might only mean the "duration" of the final product, rather than the scope and amount of effort involved in final expected product. and of coz "by default" when a "short film" is mentioned, it would normally mean: "no budget" and hence your fees are expected to be lowered accordingly.

on hindsight - let us all be fair to ourselves and check on the integrity of the production, the expectation and the requirements, before we'd lend a short-film-helping-hand for an obvious "commercial enterprise", rather than an actual true-blue "short film" by a budding/struggling filmmaker, shouldn't we?


becoming royston webisode 3

Becoming Royston webisode 3 is online now.

"Boon Huat (Alvin Neo) has finally reached the mainland with the help of the boatman (Tay Kay Chin). Introducing Ah Girl played by Oon Shu An. Guest starring Charles David as Balaji and also lead singer of the The UnXpected, Shirlyn Tan."

there's a cool new poster, stills and behind the scenes currently being uploaded ~ dun miss out on this next "evolution" of local cinema = *cool*


singapore dreaming

Dr. Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh's Singapore Dreaming screens commercially @ Golden Village cinemas from 7th September! and since i'm a youtube whore supporter, here's the official 24-seconds teaser. As well you could read anutshellreview-review ... and while i might not have had the opportunity to work with them, what i plan to do is: (1) go watch the movie when it premieres and (2) wish them all the bestest box office success! *L0L*

perth @ cine.sg

i am such a cheapwhoreskate to ask for free tix :p

~ more later on the seminar and screening after i regain composure ~



perth screening and dvd launch

for "fans" of PERTH the movie: please keep your 5th of July free.

do pop by the National Museum of Singapore for a screening of the movie and a session titled: The Film Behind Perth (between 4.30pm-7pm). there'll be folks from Kodak speaking (on "why celluloid film is still the preferred medium, especially for today's High Definition requirements" :p), as well as (hopefully) filmmakers (and yes, i'll be there sprouting production design and art direction stuff that ima gonna be pulling out of me ass) and they'll be screening deleted scenes from the movie! ie: my precious deleted 70's Bugis Street scene! ~ for which i've constantly bugged the director; Djinn about constantly *LOL*

after which there'll be a "light meal served, prior to the Cine-Sg screening of the entire movie." Information and ticket purchasing is available at www.cine.sg :)


Royston Tan's second full-length feature; 4:30 opens 29th June 2006.

"4:30" traces the relationship between Ren, an eleven year old Chinese Boy and his tenant Jung, a thirty-something Korean man. Told entirely from the perspective of the boy, Ren, this story of two very different characters is less about friendship than about a shared experience and appreciation of solitude." [via]

regardless of what folks have said (lurve the poster-designs tho), i'll be in the ticket line ~ watch the trailer here (click top-right).

becoming royston webisode 2 online now

01. go to the website
02. go to the TV section
03. click on channel 2
04. view ~ dun wait, go now!
(thanks for the headsup, Randy)

there's even a new online project/contest: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" = write in less than 500 words; "What was your childhood ambition? Have you attained it? If so, how have you come to realize it? And if not, what stood/is standing in your way?" (sounds like my daily grouses sial!) and stand a chance to win a Royston's Shorts DVD = *neato*



from the local directing duo of Gilbert Chan & Joshua Chiang (Red Ink Media) comes their debut feature film; S11 ~ and is slated for commercial release in July/August @ Cathay Picturehouse.

”This is a lighted hearted look at desperate situations faced by three different people in one day. On a deeper level, it really is about the harshness of Singapore society, and the reality of us.” (somehow i feel the description doesn't really do it enuff justice, IMHO)

the last I saw of this was the initial final-cut yonks back and now that it’s all done and good, I can only but wish them a silent best and hope that their debut feature will be as fun as the language used in this flick! *LOL*

two roystons

celebrated local filmmaker Royston Tan scores a double-bill with two current projects; one "directly" and a "one-by-default".

the Asian Film Archive is slated to release a collection of Royston Tan’s short films on DVD; cheekily titled: Royston’s Shorts

shorts included in this collection:
Jesses, Sons, Hock Hiap Leong, 24hrs, Mother, The Absentee, The Blind Trilogy: Blind / Old Parliament House / Capitol Cinema, Careless Whisperer, New York Girl, Monkeylove.

”Also featured in the DVD is a 25-minute interview with Royston Tan where he discusses some of his short films and stylistic influences. Another highlight is the inclusion of rarely seen films like 4A Florence Close, a film about his family's move from their home at the height of the financial crisis.” [read more via]

for which i think tis a pretty decent collection (except that it excluded the “controversially banned” short, “CUT” *snicker*) and as much as i had seen and enjoyed some of the shorts prior (in the capacity of my previous day-job), i reckon this DVD would sit pretty well in my personal collection, as it would for any local film-buff (IMHO anyways :p) ~ the DVD will be officially launched tomorrow 17th June @ HMV (Heeren) and Kinokuniya (Takashimaya) = click here for timing, details and freebies! :p

Becoming Royston is the debut feature film from Originasian’s (I’ll Live A Day For You) Nicholas Chee and Randy Ang, for which the title and story is inspired by Royston Tan. "in conjunction with MDA", currently “a special edition of the feature” is presented in 5 online-webisodes, to be released over a 3-month period (currently showing episode one)
”Becoming Royston is a story about a boy's dream of becoming Singapore's most talked about Filmmaker, Royston Tan”

and if the lush first webisode and the trailer is any indication of how the feature is going to be? - there’ll be an avalanche of accolades awaiting these filmmakers and i for one can’t wait to see the entire film, and anything else they’d haveta offer in the future :)

added 22.06.06:
A Nuteshell Review has coverage of the event launch, including a short video-clip of "the bad boy of local film" :)



muckin' about on a wet wet mother's day sunday, thy protagonist; a clogged drain - to the strains of Alter Bridge's "In Loving Memory" (i plead insanity and boredom) ;p


Sumozart = "enormous men in diapers wrestling to the sound of Mozart's 25th symphony" = a new short by Anthony Koithra - bathed in sepia-shades a frantic 2minute visual piece *phew*

thanks for the heads'up, dude! :)

shortfilms of vincent ha

was quite pleasantly surprised when i found these videos (quite a whiles back, admittedly), directed by Vincent Ha - for a trio of school projects done for Singapore Management University. they are worth a look, for the possibilities that exists, in the unlikeliest of places. and they ain't half-bad efforts too. in fact, in some instances, actually quite commendable. visual cliches aside (even then, done well), it manages to "achieve" the mood intended (if i may be so bold as to assume) and seems to have fun doing them ... also realize that the actors were fellow course-mates. and i haveta say: the usage of guns in vision and treatment of it is commendable. at the cusp of short-cut guerilla-filmmaking, IMHO (:p) - view the videos listed below and form your own opinions:

SMU projects:
- Brothers
(done for a Management Accounting project presentation - a parody of Hong Kong Triad Flicks)
- The Dilemma
(done for a "Business, Government & Society" Course - filmed and edited in 2 days)
- The Young Executive
(done for a Creative Thinking Course - a parody of "The Apprentice", with near 8 Hours of Vid Editing)

recent personal shortfilms:
- A Price To Believe (Part 1)
- A Price To Believe (Part 2)
these two are full-blown narrative-short films/dramas and are actually pretty good, IMHO - *well done, dude*

happy anniversary

"Base(d) on the concept of contradiction, this 9mins short film portrays a forgetful couple trying to get last minute gift for each another on their anniversary day. Being an extremely non-telepathic couple, contradicting events and thoughts happened through out the story. Cast: Adrian Gan, Edalene Tay. Written, produced and directed by Stanley Huang."

(Stanley also did Pink Boy for the 2005 Canon DV/Fest)

(i know Adrian! LOL *waves*) personally, tis utilitarian at best (IMHO), the sound seems a tad off-synch (which might be an inherent youtube-situation, i know not for sure) which i reckon might be dubbed (but what do i know about "audio", innit? BAH). acting aside, it's efforts are appreciated. (heck, it got made, didn't it?) :p

how to make a poor man's steadicam

Step-by-Step DIY guide to making a USD$14 SteadyCam [via]

"you can probably build one of these in about 20 minutes. It might take you an hour if you have to read this web page while you do it and aren't very good with tools . This steadycam design works with anything that has a tripod mount and should be fine with cameras that weigh less than 5 pounds." [via]

i havent tried this. anybody does, do lemme know if it works good, yah? *cool* :)

of homemade toilet-fight videos, mindless filmmaking-rants and the importance proper audio

while i condone not this "homemade" video (which would surely get these kids into mondo-trouble if discovered by teachers - coz c'mon, stolen handphone-porn creates an out-roar, but primary school kids fighting in the toilet wouldn't, meh? ) - but of coz im perpetuating it all, innit? *BAH* [via/via]

no, this video is here as a testimony to the current status quo of "filmmaking" in singapore, while i claim not that this is "filmmaking" per se (of coz not lah, DUH) but the reality is; tools (such as mobile phones) are so readily available and used to record moving images and situations (in this case, "documenting" rather than "narrative story-telling") that it is so darn easy to have one's work "out there", on a platform (celluloid-gawds bless youtube) that reaches more people than you'd ever expect, on the www.

and people should have no issues about "getting their films out there", or that "nobody gets to see my work" or whatever the case may be (as heard once too often) - for today, when even something as "inconsequential" like this vid, can be seen by 4,424 peeps (as of this post), what more much less a "film-proper"?

no, we is not talking about getting PAID for this drivel. that's not the idea here. exposure versus financial survival = something to discuss about in another post, @ another time, cool? cheers :)

as mindless a rant this might read now, that which may mean nothing tomorrow ~ i dun really care much at this point in time, for tis neither anger nor burning passion that consumes me leads my runaway train-of-thought, but more of the "elitist apathy" of the "craft" that fellow practitioners claim that they "endure" but whine-on about the lack of support they feel they deserve (heck, paint me guilty for i too am used to be a whiner too, innit?) = but in the end, if we can't even help ourselves in the first place, what more do we expect as a hand-out?

IMHO @ this point of entry, of coz.

no, im not saying to go film yourself fighting your own mirror reflection of some existential mindf**k, or a thinly veiled adaptation of a "popular classic" (pointing my stubby fingers at NO ONE, i insist) - im saying maybe it's time we/you/peeps actually go OUT and start filming/recording/doing something, for gawd'sake!

note to self - stop talking (so much) and start doing something yourself soon, biatch

but please remember to have proper audio (when "visuals" fail, can still f**k it up in edit and sell it as ART ... but bad audio? is just BAD, IMO) - coz the only thing lacking in these kids' efforts is proper-sound, (tell me you feel otherwise, and i'll laugh at your VO/inner monologue ploy) otherwise could even have some pseudo-japanese pop-rawk thingie underlayed and a online cult-classic it may become ...

heck, it has a better chance of doing that than the ("perfect") film you wanna work-on/film that stays within your mind's eye only, innit? *heh*

*regular niceties will continue shortly*

this has been the naysayer's rant.

edited 20.05.06:
the youtube-video has been removed. but fear not, you can view the Mr.Brown-REMIXED-versions (with basically the same video underlay) here: [via]

Flush Of Fury (Large)
(Quicktime Movie, Filesize: 26.9mb, Time: 00:02:13)
Flush Of Fury (Small)
(Quicktime Movie, Filesize: 3.5mb, Time: 00:02:13)


walking disaster

Michael Lim's short; Walking Disaster is up for voting at the Getty Images : The Next Big Idea initiative/competition.

a mixture of stock images and footage and animation, Lim's video is viewable only if you register first. the video is bottom of page, 2nd column.

smell of rain

bogged down by work, i was unable to attend the premiere of director Gloria Chee's (who also wrote and executive produced) new Mandarin feature film, Smell Of Rain ... so all i can do now is watch the movie trailers, version 1 and version 2 ... personally, im just glad that there IS a mandarin feature (besides those of Jack Neo's lah) and since i've not watched the film (yet), i can hardly comment on it ... meanwhile there's an online review @ nutshellreview.


royston tan's 15

finally found: Royston Tan's inital 25min short film; 15. personally a much tighter and coherent (if that be the intent) version, as compared to the eye-candied-romp-but-lacking-in-narrative feature-length version (IMHO, of coz)

watch it (absolutely horrid resolution, mind) on youtube HERE :)

also, HERE's a one and a half-minute except-clip from 15, of the gangsta-boys rapping (in superior sound too :p) in hokkien. (age verification required tho)

> all the above is *NSFW ~ Lanuguage*

anybody else has any leads? :p


an ode to film festivals

i admit, i used to be a only-commercial/boxofficehit-follower (yes i am ashamed to admit now *whince*) ... none of them "artsy-fartsy-flicks" for me, oh no ... my impression of "art house films" were tainted by a coupla foreign films (french? german? dunno siah ... and also watch in Picture House too busy making out never concentrate on screen lor :p) whereby the screen shot (lock shot on stand) would hold for what seems like eternity; with the protagonist and another standing at both (near) edge of the screen and not talk at all ... or grunt a coupla lines ... and one would walk away! ... variations might include rain, different time of day (day/afternoon/evening/night/duh) and different locales (roadside/schoolyard/pub/amidst mountains/garden/dining room/duh) ... i couldn't understand the motivation nor emo involved in such endeavours then lar - but now can even sit thru a Tsai Ming Liang flick and not flinch (not too much that is. heh) ... i reckon tis becoz of having been exposed to too much hollywood action/comedy-flicks prior to my "celluloid enlightenment", that had me spoilt for needing instant gratification, or at least in a scenario whereby scenes happen concurrently in fast succession ... and my mind and taste was moulded thusly ...

... but this was not meant to be so ...

watching chinese/mandarin/hongkong flicks wasn't a big stretch nor impact by any standards (*except for when i was into anime way back when, ie: Akira et al) ... until i was introduced to Wong Kar Wai's (WKW) Chungking Express. by then i had ventured forth from Interior Design to Media Design, by working at the then Television Corporation of Singapore (now Mediacorp) and the time was ripe for me to be influenced and be guided toward the guiding brightlight that was "art films" (or anything of that genre anyways) ...

** a whole chunk of gratitude goes out to William Chang, art director for WKW's flicks (dude edits as well, for gawd's sake), for inspiring me forth into furthering my craft into the area of design and art direction ... and he was one of the first to stoke the fire within me ...

NOT that way, yer pervs! hurhurhur

i still remember one of the earliest films i watched for my first ever singapore film festival, t'was at the then Capitol Theatre (now closed *sob*) - where they had screened WKW's Happy Together and boy was i bowled over but good! i too remember both WKW and Christopher Doyle standing on stage doing a Q&A! ~ DAYMN! ~ ... of coz WKW had his signature shades on and dun seem too happy to be there, as was the seemingly drunk Doyle! quite hilarious really, but nevertheless memorable ... i still have the ticket stub somewhere in my boxes still! ... (yes, i am was one of those sentimental blokes who kept cinema stubs ... don't you? heh :p)

and another "first" (but not during the film fest tho) was watching Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Delicatessen. fcuked me senses raw it did! a whole new way to look at foreign/french films and i was hooked. and the rest, as they say, was celluloid-history!

i devoured anything japanese, from animes like Jinroh and Ghost In The Shell to Beat Takeshi's ballet of violence and Shinya Tsukamoto's depraved genius (very niche specific, i know i know :p). and anything Jean-Pierre Jeunet did (and/or still does), was pure-celluloid-gold (well, maybe except Alien Resurrection. heh :p) and one of my all-time-favs was City Of Lost Children; for which i even screened for my fellow set designers in TCS as one of our "Friday Film Appreciation" movies (irony: had to actually force designers to watch movies other than commercial ones! the irony was sweet for me. heh). and with Amelie, he had again set the stage for a new frontier for cinema (IMHO of coz). other nameless unknown (to me) french films were devoured with relish. from the east to the west, i have no adversity to any genre as of now and television serials notwithstanding, i've even embraced korean flicks! with Volcano High as my all-time fav (yes, again brainless fun very genre specific :p) ... the list is undoubtly endless, i assure you :)

having said alla that, quite a number of flicks are only available via film festivals (ie: ain't "commercialized" enough to possibly make a dent at the box office) or possibly via DVDs (but we KNOW tis illegal to bring them in, dun we? heh :p) ... time was when filmfest-tix were more expensive than regular cinemas, but now? tis the gawddamned SAME price (if not cheaper)! hahahaha = so itz all good! (pending financial status, of coz). tho, personnally i haveta say, the past coupla years' offerings haven't been, shall i say; "tantalizing enough"? time when, at the height of my fervour, i whacked 20-near-30 tix at a go (which i haveta admit, ain't nothin' much to a hardcore aficionado, but to a pathetically-paid-wretch like me back then? *secretly laugh lieow!* heh) and movie marathons were the greatest (tho not at a lemon like the Majestic Cinema, as charming as it truly was - cats running free, pee smells and holes-in-seats notwithstanding of coz) ... and now? i'll be surprised if i could go beyond 5 movies (exact number for this year's SIFF).

actually, i DO miss The Majestic Cinema ... *tear*

tho ima really and truly appreciating alla them "other fringe" film fests popping up all around (no disrespect when i say "fringe", mind), most times co-organized by the Singapore Film Society, for which i had a decent time at the recently finished Brazilian Film Fest (anything much earlier was subject to financial availability = ie: no money dead broke) - i'd haveta say i've yet to give up on them there commercial flicks and that sure as heck's a whole lotta movies!

*checks wallet & bank balance* ... damn.

and another thing that ties alla them film fests = the screening schedules! trying to sort out what you wanna see and when you can see it, is more of a task than anyone thinks, innit? check this out again! i hadda spend slightly more than 3hours trying to sort them out via a spreadsheet (or maybe im just ignorant) - like taking a test siah! and tis been more than a decade since i've taken a paper-test ... hurhurhur

anyways, itz all good lah ... see y'all @ the cinemas!

(the above was posted in October 2005 on another online-entity)

siff 2006

the Singapore International Film Festival is upon us again. from the 13th of April to 29th, we will be yet again treated to movies aplenty, notably this year with 4 local films: Royston Tan's 4:30 (Closing Film - read more here) / Kelvin Tong's Love Story / Woon Yen Yen + Colin Goh's Singapore Dreaming (Official Website) / Kan Lume's The Art Of Flirting ... tho is it just me, or are there no listings for Singapore Short Films? :p


4444 redux

*exclusive!* (or rather i'd like to think it is...? :p) = go watch the new re-cut version of 4444, as revealed by David Liu (director) of badDesign Productions. thanks for the heads-up, dude! :)

with clearer sound design and a more effective edit (IMHO) at slightly over 8mins, tis a joy to watch :) ... but i'd rather let y'all judge it for yourself when ya go watch it ... altho there was quite a bit of pixelation, but that of coz could be googlevideo lah ... *good job* and can't wait ta see more stuff from you guys!

tokyo confidential

dammit! the trailer for Tokyo Confidential ("merit award winner" in the 2005 PDMA Digital Film Fiesta) looks so darn happenin' + intriguing = i can't wait to see the entire short! (dude, waitin' for ya! :p)

also check out the webbie for screen grabs and synposis of this slice-of-nightlife/street-culture-short, courtesy of director Anthony Koithra of headrushed.com. thanks for the heads-up, dude! :)

Watch it for a lil slice-of-tokyo docu-vignettes of the "underground" street-racing scene, complete with "race-ritual-dancing" LOL (Fast'n'Furious 3 should take a cue from alla this, innit? :p), baseball matches (ironically, an american-import, innit?) and fresh fish.

thanks for the heads-up, dude! and congrats :)


2005 panasonic / mda digital film fiesta

view here to view the winners.

currently, i have NO links to the films whatsoever, except Lau Sai (listed below) - which is indeed quite sad, becoz in the end even if there is a "product" but people don't know it exists, much less be able to watch it, innit? IMHO, of coz.

Professional Category
Buy Me Love by Ric Aw (First Prize)
Closer Apart by Victric Thng (Second Prize)
Overhead Clouds by Yeo Lee Nah (Third Prize)

Open Category
12:17 by Kenny Tan (First Prize)
Zo Peng by Jacen Tan (Second Prize)
Health Warning by Sim Chin Sun (Third Prize)
Kalah Atau Menang by Donny Prasetyo Utomo (Merit Award)
Tokyo Confidential by Anthony Koithra (Merit Award) - view the trailer here
Master of Gambling (Mahjong) by Kenny Yong (Merit Award)
Screen by Marcus Lim (Merit Award)
One Step by Chan Wai Hoe (Merit Award)
I Dream by Loh Wei Liang (Merit Award)

Lau Sai by Chai Yee Wei (Merit Award)

do email me for links and info. thanks! :)

2004 panasonic / mda digital film fiesta

view here for past winners.

as of now, NO links to the below-listed winners:

Heroes by Tan Siang Yu (First Prize)
The Copy by Justin Yuen (Second Prize)
Memory by Nick Tan (Third Prize)
Anticipating by Jeannie Chia (Commendations)
A Dream by Justin Yuen

do email me for links and info. thanks! :)

2005 fly-by-night video challenge video links

List of winners for the 2005 Fly-By-Night Video Challenge / competition, for which i have only a small set of links to share ... anyone who has further info, or links to video/shorts; please do email me. thanks! onwards:

Four Play
Ryan Ng, Su Yuhan, Kee Jun Wei, Phua Tiong Hoe

Loser - Large Quicktime
Loser - Small Quicktime
Chai Yee Wei (blog), Kelvin Lam.

To Live A Day For You
Randy Ang, Nicholas Chee, Christina Choo
view the "prequel" HERE.

The Symbol Life ?
Chitraveni d/o Kumar, Kiong Leon Wei, Alvin Lim, Lee Ailin
F^A#I&T$H* ?
Cheng Ding An, Vincent Ong
Miss-Take ?
Ghazi Alqudcy, Ezzam Rahman, Idris Ismail, Ariff Aripin
Etymology of ^#&$* ?
Lim Tee Lip, Kenneth Lim
Shanghai Tang ?
Raymond Chin, Ho Wan Ling, Teo Wai Chin, Derek Tang
One People, One Nation, One ^#&$* ?
Wu Min Xiu, Mardiana Kasmani, Melissa Yuen, Ng Puay Hoon
The Upside Down World ?
Kelvin Wee (blog), Chan Siew Long, Joseph Ang, Jan Rick

Special Mention:

Eunice Wong, Philip Thee, Sue Ann Teo, Eugene Wong
The Cat with No Ball (*animation) ?
Sally Poh and Koh Siang Leng


The Undecided video here or here. and blog here and here.

2005 canon/dvfest film links

managed to find the listing for the recent Canon Digital Video Film Fest 2005 - Audience Choice Awards = click on to see the video-clips (in English, unless otherwise stated) and read the synopsis:

Professional Category:
The Guest
directed by Kan Lume. in mandarin/chinese and cantonese.
Twenty Four Seven
directed by Sim Bee Li. In mandarin.
Meeting Zoe
directed by Sim Bee Li.
Led By The Stars
directed by Wen Nan Fei. in mandarin.
Nana + Damien
directed by Lionel Chok.

Media Students Category:
The Balloon
directed by Gao Yuanheng
directed by Judy Oh.
Pink Boy
directed by Stanley Huang.
Parting Gift
directed by Leong Hon Wai.
Waking Monkey
directed by Vanessa Thomas.

Open Category:
for which i featured here prior.
Moomeow the Cat Cow.
directed by Aroozoo Wesley Leon
Love Bleeds.
directed by R. Durai.
A Summer's Day.
directed by Mark Hoon.
Xiang Qi.
directed by Danny Lim.

anything else to add? links/blogs/info? or even better resolution-clips? do email me - thanks! enjoy :)