perth screening and dvd launch

for "fans" of PERTH the movie: please keep your 5th of July free.

do pop by the National Museum of Singapore for a screening of the movie and a session titled: The Film Behind Perth (between 4.30pm-7pm). there'll be folks from Kodak speaking (on "why celluloid film is still the preferred medium, especially for today's High Definition requirements" :p), as well as (hopefully) filmmakers (and yes, i'll be there sprouting production design and art direction stuff that ima gonna be pulling out of me ass) and they'll be screening deleted scenes from the movie! ie: my precious deleted 70's Bugis Street scene! ~ for which i've constantly bugged the director; Djinn about constantly *LOL*

after which there'll be a "light meal served, prior to the Cine-Sg screening of the entire movie." Information and ticket purchasing is available at www.cine.sg :)