2005 panasonic / mda digital film fiesta

view here to view the winners.

currently, i have NO links to the films whatsoever, except Lau Sai (listed below) - which is indeed quite sad, becoz in the end even if there is a "product" but people don't know it exists, much less be able to watch it, innit? IMHO, of coz.

Professional Category
Buy Me Love by Ric Aw (First Prize)
Closer Apart by Victric Thng (Second Prize)
Overhead Clouds by Yeo Lee Nah (Third Prize)

Open Category
12:17 by Kenny Tan (First Prize)
Zo Peng by Jacen Tan (Second Prize)
Health Warning by Sim Chin Sun (Third Prize)
Kalah Atau Menang by Donny Prasetyo Utomo (Merit Award)
Tokyo Confidential by Anthony Koithra (Merit Award) - view the trailer here
Master of Gambling (Mahjong) by Kenny Yong (Merit Award)
Screen by Marcus Lim (Merit Award)
One Step by Chan Wai Hoe (Merit Award)
I Dream by Loh Wei Liang (Merit Award)

Lau Sai by Chai Yee Wei (Merit Award)

do email me for links and info. thanks! :)