#ContiPolaroids for PERTH

"Perth" is a 107 minute long feature film (IMDb) directed by Djinn (who also wrote the script as "Ong Lay Jinn") which premiere in Singapore on August 18th 2005, with a R(A) rating in Singapore. This post features a selected collection of #contipolaroids for who I had used to showcase my work done for this feature (my 4th) as Production Designer, used as reference for a behind-the-scenes blog at http://perthpolaroids.blogspot.com - the contents of which were used in a featurette in the U.S. Edition of the movie's DVD release.

Harry's house:

"Angry Boy" / AB Lee and his shenanigans:

Plenty of drinking going on:

"Alien Bar":
WHAT ARE "CONTI POLAROIDS": "Essentially polaroids taken of the scene and setting during actual production filming, to be used as reference for continuity of scenes, for both scripting and Art Department. I haven't been involved in filmmaking for may years since, and do not know if folks still do conti-polaroids, with my 5/6th film using a hand-held digital camera instead. This is for one of my films that used polaroids instead :)"