“Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar” - #letsbeatdiabetes Singapore Campaign

Folks around the world have their personal impressions of the Singapore Government’s “constant” media campaigns to tell their citizens what to do or not to do, to Be Courteous, or To Speak Manadarin, or To Save Water etc - which frankly I am okay with, as folks NEED to be “reminded”, now and again - plus points too, especially if the campaign is effectively “well done” … and one of such a campaign (IMHO), was the recent Fight Against Diabetes, launched circa Chinese Lunar New Year, to combat diabetes!

Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar” sees an elaborate classic king-fu setting, with a lone fighter against the forces of SUGAR, in attempting to influence a family’s meal.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Communications and Information, with the project produced by Tribal Worldwide Singapore, I’d hazard to guess the “budget” gone into the production, but the result is pretty spectacular, and offers up a cinematic treat, which literally shows that such a production is achievable here! “Budget” notwithstanding, of course :)

Check out the 90-seconder spot featured up top, and two 5-second spots, featured below.

Half the Tart, Double the Huat

Eat less Bak Kwa, Health is Wealth

(Images & Info via campaignbriefasia.com)