"Street Angels" Bootleg VCD

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A couple of snaps of the cover to the "Street Angels" feature film (circa xxxx), filmed entirely in Singapore. This is my third movie ever worked on, with this particular VCD being a bootleg! Although tis oft been said about procuring "bootlegs" of local productions (especially) and not supporting said production/film/industry - I've never come across a legit version or even a DVD! Such a waste to have a production "disappear" as such though, regardless of quality, or lack of acclaim - personal credits not withstanding, I insist.

Sadly, thhere isn't even a proper trailer online (except for Youku I think lol).

Ironically, we've (or rather I've used to be apart of) used to joking say, that if ever your movie had been bootlegged, it meant said film would have "succeeded", as bootleggers would only swipe films which can sell and make money, no? LOL

A look at back of (bootleg) VCD for #StreetAngels #TBT #throwbackthursday

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